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Note: both my Skizzenblog and my Sketches Blog are updated without notification on this index page.

2011-04-13: Added an appendix with dual monitor wallpapers to my High-Definition Wallpapers.

2011-04-03: Added the first part of a new English, SVG-based webcomic called Interferences. I also added a new blog, Sketches, the English companion of Skizzen.

2010-11-13: Added an essay with many illustrations about Amanda Conner’s Power Girl (English version of an earlier German text).

2010-09-29: Added several High-Definition Wallpapers.

2009-11-16: Added ten more images to the Image Gallery (landscapes, shemales, fetish models, strap-ons, superheroes, daleks, abstract art and chastity belts – this update has it all).

2009-09-24: Added six more images, five of them abstract landscapes, one of them a she-male with a chastity device. For the latter, I also developed a shockwave flash file to change the hue of parts of an image on the fly, so technically speaking, I added 360 new images of she-males with chastity devices.

2009-09-22: Added eight more chastity belt images to the Gueststars Gallery.

2009-05-09: Added six new images (four of them with chastity belts, one to celebrate todays Europe Day).

2009-04-26: Added a Wormhole Tunnel Flash Animation (for Flash 10 or later).

2009-03-09: Opened my gallery for gueststars with three chastity belt images by AngelusMerkel.

2008-10-31: Made a theme for Mozilla Firefox 3.0: Orbit Classic 2008.

2008-10-12: Relaunched Skizzen as a weblog (German only).

2007-08-18: Added Nine Quadrillion Images.

2007-08-06: Added some (thirty-nine) new images to my Image Gallery.

2007-08-04: Migrated from to A few things might have stopped working; I apologize for any inconvenience.

2006-12-30: Added SameGame. I also changed the date format of this page to ISO 8601 (the rest of my site will follow gradually).

2006-09-29: Added two images to the new Image Gallery (one of them being a Chastity Belt Image). I also added a page about mazes.

2006-09-17: Merged the What’s New Page and the Main Index Page. The new Main Index also gained a proper Impressum. Furthermore, I incorporated the search function and the folder structure which was hidden in a seldom-used frame page, and rewrote the latter in Javascript instead of Java to make it lightning fast, while ensuring that it is still working for users with Javascript disabled. Since this mechanism relies heavily on CSS, I also added a Simplified Version of the Main Index, a puristic page with no CSS at all for the text browser users amongst us. As a last finishing touch, I created a new logo for the page.

2006-08-08: I completely overhauled both my general and my chastity belt image gallery. The general gallery can be accessed here: New And Improved Image Gallery. The Chastity Belt Image Gallery became merged with the general gallery and can now be accessed as a special selected view: Image Gallery — Show Only The Chastity Belt Images. Further improvements: I added 22 new images (including five with chastity belts), increased the overall quality by deleting some of the worst of the old images, and corrected some errors in spelling, grammar and reasoning. The gallery now shows a consistent design and navigation.

2005-10-03: Finished Image Gallery X much the same like it started. I also changed the location of the images from to (the main page is still, so if you should have happen to have linked to one of my images, you probably have to change your link.

2005-03-27: Started Image Gallery X with babes, balls ’n’ building blocks.

2005-01-05: Finished Skizzen 2004.

2004-11-22: Added two sets of abstract pictures to the Image Gallery IX.

2004-08-27: Added two pictures to the Image Gallery IX.

2004-08-19: I’m back! Added a Chastity Belt Card Game, an Image Of A Keyholder, finalized Skizzen 2003 and started Skizzen 2004, and added a Wallpaper.

2004-03-06: Still fighting with feeding bottles, colics, backaches from carrying an 8 kilo baby, and lack of sleep, so there might be another tiny delay of updates. But reader Giles English provided me with an Essay about “Writing The Fiction Of Non-Consensual Wear”.

2003-11-02: Due to the birth of my second daughter, Susanne, there may be some delay with further updates.

2003-09-13: Wow, four months without updates. I added some stars and girls to Gallery IX. A few more updates are in the pipe, but perhaps you should not hold your breath.

2003-05-27: Added two pictures to Gallery IX and two collections of animated Windows cursors to the freefile section.

2003-04-06: Started Skizzen 2003.

2003-02-23: Added “Die Lichten Höhen des Kapitalismus” Ein Power-Point-Vortrag für angehende Jungmanager.

2003-01-14: Updated Gallery IX.

2003-01-13: Fixed a minor bug in the Numbers Screensaver. Load and run again if you are using a screen resolution not divisible by 20 (like 1024 x 768) and encountered trouble with the Numbers Screensaver.

2003-01-06: Updated Gallery IX.

2003-01-03: Added one or four girls to Gallery IX.

2003-01-01: Finalized Skizzen 2002.

2002-12-24: While waiting for my parents-in-law to arrive for lunch, I added another girl to Gallery IX.

2002-12-17: Started Gallery IX.

2002-12-14: Added another girl to Gallery VIII.

2002-12-11: Added a Numbers Screensaver (with green floating numbers) to my Free Files Page.

2002-12-01: Das Kunstwerk im Zeitalter seiner technischen Produzierbarkeit, a german essay about interactive art, the mangas of Masamune Shirow, digital images, copyright, and the fine art of distraction.

2002-11-18: The twentythree million images of girls wearing chastity belts are now available online.

2002-11-04: Added another Chastity Belt Girl Image.

2002-11-02: Added 44 abstract images.

2002-11-01: Small update at True Stories.

2002-10-24: Added two images to Gallery VIII.

2002-10-20: Added Another Twelve Chastity Belt Girl Images.

2002-10-19: Minor changes at Skizzen 2002.

2002-10-18: Added twentythree million images of girls wearing chastity belts. No kidding.

2002-10-02: Updated Skizzen 2002.

2002-09-29: Added another version of the Orange Orgy to Gallery VIII.

2002-09-25: Added three versions of a girl, err, a boy with a chastity belt to the Gallery of Chastity Belt Images. And by the way, any rumours that this page was shot down by any government trying to supress free speech, a dyke running berserk or aliens from outer space are untrue (only the discussion board crashed; I asume I will have to re-install it, using SQL, to fix it - this may take some time..., but:). This page is alive and well. I just hadn’t much time for updates recently.

2002-07-07: Updated Skizzen 2002.

2002-04-01: Initialized Skizzen 2002.

2002-03-30: I still have no time for updates, but Ladyvet has sent me another story: To the Last Drop.

2002-03-24: I still have no time for updates, but while you wait, you may want to play my new chastity belt puzzle.

2002-03-20: I still have no time for updates, but Ladyvet and Thomas have been so kind to provide me with two new chastity belt stories, Flight of the Kestrel (English) and Untitled III, Teil Zwei (German) respectively.


2002-01-06: Due to the birth of my daughter Selene (5.1.2002, 20:43), there may be some delay with further updates.


2002-01-01: Added four and a half images to Gallery VIII.

2001-12-31: Finalized Skizzen 2001.

2001-12-10: Added some girls in chains to Gallery VIII.

2001-11-07: Added the english translation of the second part of the image collection of My Favorite Things (still featuring Malczewski, Triegel, Ingres and Magnelli).

2001-11-04: Added a second part of the german version of the image collection of My Favorite Things (featuring Malczewski, Triegel, Ingres and Magnelli). An english version will follow if someone either translate it or convince me that I should translate it.

2001-10-31: Two updates after two troubled months: updated Skizzen 2001, added some pictures to Gallery VIII.

2001-09-01: Updated Skizzen 2001.

2001-08-25: Added an essay about the Orlando Furioso by Ariost (written in German).

2001-08-24: Added two pictures to Gallery VIII.

2001-08-20: Slightly modified the font jGaramond. If you use this font, I recomment you reload and reinstall the font.

2001-08-17: Two minor updates: added a small sketch of a girl wearing a chastity belt. Also added a revoluting chastity belt GIF to the Chastity Belt Links Page.

2001-07-29: Added a new layout to some of my pages, see The Main Index Page or The Chastity Belt Page for examples. The new design is tested with IExplorer 5, NNavigator 4, Netscape 6, Opera 5, it even works somehow with Amaya 4.3.2 and HotJava 3 (it even produces some output with Lynx). Testing was done with Windows only, since I am too stupid to install Linux on my new hard drive. Hope you like the new look.

2001-07-13: Added new version of the Chastity Belt Screen Saver with more colors, less dithering and alternative images.

2001-07-02: Added new postface to Dreierlei über Bildschirmfrauen.

2001-06-16: Started Gallery VIII with three acryl paintings (three girls, one boy).

2001-06-05: Added another page about Lyapunov exponents.

2001-06-03: Updated Skizzen 2001.

2001-06-01: Added a fast Lyapunov Java Applet which allows you to compute Lyapunov tilings or zooms online. I took the opportunity to reorganize my Lyapunov Pages.

2001-05-29: Updated Skizzen 2001.

2001-05-27: Instead of complaining about villain browsers not implementing standard methods, I decided to say to myself: deal with it. So I re-wrote my green swimsuit applet completly. It now works with Netscape Naviagtor 4, Netscape 6, Internet Explorer, Opera, HotJava... (with Opera getting the price for being the fastest).

2001-05-24: Added another green swimsuit applet.

2001-05-13: Added a kind of JavaLavaLamp, based on one of the images I published yesterday. It runs rather fast, if you use IExplorer or good-ole’ Netscape <6.

2001-05-12: Added some images to Gallery VII.

2001-04-23: Added a chastity belt picture.

2001-04-20: Updated to Die wunderbare Welt des Anaxagoras 1.1 (contains some minor changes on pp. 12-13).

2001-04-19: Added Die wunderbare Welt des Anaxagoras, a (german) text about the philosophy of Anaxagoras. For technical reasons (the text contains some equations, and few browsers already understand MathML), this document is available as a PDF-file.

2001-04-01: Adult Education: The First Belt.
From now on, my pages will have dates of construction (and update) with Day.Month.Year-format. Pages without date are older than 1.4.2001.

2001-03-28: Added five images to Gallery VII.

2001-03-16: Updated Skizzen 2001 and fixed a minor bug in the Forum.

2001-03-13: Added two images to Gallery VII.

2001-03-10: Added a Discussion Board.

2001-03-01: I moved a large part of my images to a new server. All links to images that had been corrupted due to Geocities change of linking policy should work again, since my page is now 100% Geocities free. If you still spot a broken link, please mail me. Some images should now load faster (at least for european visitors, but probably also for most others) and more reliable.
To celebrate my new giant server, I offer you the limited opportunity to download a 300dpi resolution special edition of the fourth version of the “Riding my Husband”-image. Be warned that this image is a Megabyte large (and 2460 x 3441 pixels).

24.2.2001, later: Some images don’t work any more. I will notify it here when this is fixed. Sorry.

1001-02-24: Added a Search Function to the Navigation Bar.

2001-02-20: Added an image to Gallery VII. I also wrote new scripts for counters, and I updated the backgrund image.

2001-02-17: Important! NetMind is terminating its Mind-It for webmasters as a free service. I took this opportunity to develope my own Newsletter Mailing List.
If you used NetMind to track wether this page change, I strongly recommend that you unsubscribe NetMind and subscribe my newsletter instead. This newsletter will notify not only that this page changed, but also, what I added. And you don’t have to fear anymore that NetMind is terminating its service without informing you.
If you didn’t use NetMind till now, you may nevertheless now use my newsletter. ;-)

2001-02-14: Added another Aphrodite to Gallery VII.

2001-02-13: Since my Geocities-guestbook crashed, I built my own Guestbook. I hope this one will be more stable and convenient. So come and sign!

2001-02-12: Started Gallery VII with Aphrodite.

2001-02-11: Updated Skizzen 2001.

2001-02-10: Added a Seamless Green Swimsuit Tile to Gallery IV.

2001-02-09: Added a photo of a girl wearing a chastity belt.

2001-01-27: Added a photo of a girl wearing a chastity belt key.

2001-01-26: Added 12 swimsuit images for the slideshow screen saver.

2001-01-25: Added a free Windows slide show screensaver.

2001-01-24: added an image to Gallery IV.

2001-01-23: Added Skizzen 2001.

2001-01-22: Added a photo of a girl wearing a chastity belt.

2001-01-21: added an image to Gallery IV.

2001-01-20: added four new images to Gallery VI, one is accomplied with a story written in german, Iratsume.

2001-01-02: finalized Skizzen (further entries will be collected in a new file).

2000-12-22: Added another Chastity Belt Girl Image.

2000-12-19: Added The Fiction of Non-consentual Wear, a reply to a hurried reader of my Chastity Belt Page.

2000-12-18: Added an unanimated variation of the green swimsuit image.

2000-12-17: Added two additional animations of the green swim suit image at Gallery VI.

2000-12-04: Added a green swimsuit image to Gallery VI, together with a matrix-like applet and a slideshow-like applet.

2000-12-03: Updated Skizzen.

2000-11-18: Added a Garamond Unicode True Type Font.

2000-10-07: Added an image of a smiling girl to Gallery VI.

2000-10-03: Added a Java applet Meditation with a meditating girl.

2000-09-27: Updated skizzen.

2000-09-07: Added a picture to Picture Gallery Part VI.

2000-09-05: Added a picture to Picture Gallery Part VI.

2000-08-31: I developed a configurable Java applet to integrate paper dolls or thelike in web pages. Examples, download and instructions are available at the Kisekae Java Applet Page.

2000-08-23: Added another variation of the image of the girl riding her chastity-belt-wearing friend at the new Part VI of the Image Gallery.

2000-08-21: Updated Skizzen (comes now with more than 50 % more content! Including essays, short stories and poems!)

2000-08-18: Added eight independent new pictures at Picture Gallery V, one of them shown also as Java applet.

2000-08-10: Since I supplied my counters only with six digits (being too pessimistic), I missed the millionth hit (a bug that is now fixed). Anyway: if you liked the two chastity belt pictures published a month ago, you may be interested in a Variation I added.

2000-07-31: Added a new picture to the Picture Gallery V, which is also used in the Going By Tram Java Applet Animation.

2000-07-05: Added two pictures with a nude girl and a guy in a chastity belt to the Page with Chastity Belt Pictures.

2000-06-25: Added pictures of Rudolf Hausner, Anne Hausner, Xenia Hausner and Filippo Lippi to My Favorite Things, English Version and German Version.

2000-06-15: Added Anhang 2 to the essay "Über das Beurteilen von Kunst" (available in german only).

2000-05-23: Added two pictures to the picture gallery V, a joke called symbolistic still live and a major/main/master piece of work, with title.

2000-05-11: Added the Sketch Book (german only), a collection of short texts (stories, essays, &c.).

2000-05-10: “bib-top pinafore dress” (Oxford German-English Dictionary); “pinafore” (N. N.).

2000-05-07: Does anybody know the english word for “latzrock” (dungarees with skirt instead of trousers)? Because I made an image, Orgy in Orange with Latzrock published on Picture Gallery Part V.

2000-05-06: Opened the Picture Gallery Part V with four pictures half way between Renoir and Arp

2000-05-02: Replaced 276 images in 111 files. Everything should be working again. If pictures are still missing, please mail me and inform me about dead links.

2000-05-01: Some of my pictures (those located at*) can’t be accessed at the moment. I am working on this problem and will notify you at this location if the problem is solved.

2000-04-20: Added the Briefs Picture Collage Page, a page with several different picture of a girl not wearing an exaggerated amount of cloth, complete with the lessons about how to make a computer picture and how to make a decalcomanie and the two sub-pages Briefs Collage Java Skin Animation and Briefs Collage Javascript Strip Show.

2000-04-13: Added pictures of Masamune Shirow to My Favorite Things, English Version and German Version.

2000-04-11: Added another Active Wallpaper to my Freefile Page. For details or an online version see the Ping Introduction Page.

2000-04-09: Added pictures of Max Ernst to My Favorite Things, English Version and German Version.

2000-04-07: Added an appendix to my essay Über das Beurteilen von Kunst.

2000-04-06: Added links to some picture books at to My Favorite Things German Version. I did not add something similar to the english version, since I don’t know enough about english picture books.

2000-03-25: Added a picture of a girl in a chastity belt of Eric Kroll to My Favorite Things, English Version and German Version.

2000-03-21: Added some pictures of Giorgio de Chirico to My Favorite Things, English Version and German Version.

2000-03-19: Added a variation of the doorkeeper-page: a fiercy java design orgy doorkeeper page for the patient downloader.

2000-03-18: I improved my Navigation Bar: it is now much faster, and it finally works for Internat Explorer AND Netscape Navigator. Now it is a very conveniant way to to navigate through my page, I think.
I also added some few remarks about my web page, The Early Years Online (English Only).

2000-03-16: Added three pictures, all three titled Take off Your Undies.

2000-03-14: Some time passed since my last update; I started writing a longer text I didn’t finish yet; sorry for all of you out there waiting for something new.
I also wrote a little story called Eine Farblose Geschichte, about a boy meeting a girl, a chastity belt and a certain color. Only the german version is available at the moment (until someone translates it).

2000-01-19: Added an Active Desktop Wallpaper for Windows.

2000-01-08: Added a little essay about the judgement of art (in German only).

2000-01-04: Added a little essay about clothes (in German only).

1999-12-20: Added images of Modigliani, Mucha, Woodman and God to the My Favorite Things page, both English Version and German Version.

1999-12-16: Added Dragon Hunter Tale, written in German, with four illustrations (three drawings, one applet).

1999-12-03: I built a navigation bar, based on java. Seems as if it doesn’t work with Netscape Navigator, only with Internet Explorer (and only with Java and Javascript enabled), and it may be a little bit slow on some systems, but it gives you a nice survey of all my pages.

1999-11-22: Fixed the links I added yesterday (sorry), and added five new pictures to Picture Galery IV.

1999-11-21: Added the pages My Favorite Things (english version) and My Favorite Things (german version), a collection of favorite pictures of different people. At this very moment, the collection just contains four pictures, but more will follow soon.
I will also add some (at least three) pictures to my Picture Galery tomorrow.

1999-11-20: Added the english translation of part 2 of Toni’s story, and also the english translation of the story "fetishism".

1999-11-18: Fixed broken links to some zip-files: If you had trouble downloading,,,,, or recently, please try again now.

1999-11-16: Moved all remaining pages except the guestbooks from Geocities to

1999-10-09: Added "4 Miniaturen", a text (written in german) with four short stories about male chastity.

1999-10-04: Added english translation of "Nina’s Chastity".

1999-09-21: Added a picture of a dragon hunting girl to Picture Galery IV.

1999-09-14: Added 30 new seemless tiles and 26 zooms, making a total of 56 new pictures of Lyapunov fractals at Lyapunov Tilings Part 3.
Also, for your convenience, I built an Index of Pages with Images.

1999-09-07: Added some more Lyapunov Tilings based on improved code.

1999-08-30: Due to the change from Geocities to Yahoo!Geocities (I guess), my guestbook stopped working. My new guestbook should fix this.

1999-08-26: Added 11 Lyapunov exponent tilings.

1999-08-12: Added a picture of a girl in a silver plastic suit to Picture Galery IV.

1999-08-08: Added an access statistic by country for my web page.

1999-08-07: Added an older story (from 1996) in german, "Gebet eines Theologen".

1999-08-01: Added new chastity belt picture in "Waiting"-like style to Picture Galery Pt. IV.
I also added a variation of "Waiting" to Picture Galery Pt. III.
Added new biographical note III.
I also changed the layout of the Chastity Belt Page and moved all the pictures to the former Pictures Explanations Page (now called "Chastity Belt Images Page").

1999-07-21: Added a german fictional story written by Micki to my Fictional Chastity Belt Stories Page.

1999-07-19: Added another green swimsuit picture.

1999-07-15: Added a picture of an amazone.

1999-07-12: Added an alternative biographical note after re-arranging the Index Page and the Textlist Page a little bit.

1999-07-04: Added an essay in german: Dreierlei über Bildschirmfrauen, über Lara Croft, Lena Odenthal und Seven of Nine.

1999-06-30: I have now also a KiSS-file (438 KB) for downloading containing my electric paper doll and additional material. For details see my Clothing Help Page.

1999-06-29: On my Electric Paper Doll Page, you are now able to download the file, which contains not only the 52 items of the original page, but also 53 brand new items, like, for example, a pair of sun flower pants, a see-through dress, a hand-painted shirt, an archeology dress, leather pants, a borg costume, a samurai dress, a Saturn T-Shirt, some wings, an elven dress, a renaissance dress, and many more. The file is 549 KB large zipped.
I am also working on a KiSS-version of my paper doll and will publish the according file as soon as I’m able.
I also added some books about BDSM on my Buchladen (in german only).

1999-06-22: Moved to a new Server!
The most important new addresses are:
Main Page -
Chastity Belt Page -
EMail -
Please update your bookmarks.
This page itself (the What’s New Page) did not move.

1999-06-07: Since friday, I am an diploma mathematician.
I added a zipped offline version of my Any Color Page. You may either load (3.17 MB, 4.44 MB uncompressed) or (2.25 MB, 2.44 MB uncompressed, without the sound files).

1999-06-01: Improved the source code of my Paperdoll Page. It still loads sometimes slowly (when Geocities is busy), so you may prefer to download (now rduced to 259 KB). Also, I want to point out that this page doesn’t date from 22 march 1999, as the help page states, but, of course, 22 may 1999.

1999-05-22: Added an interactive dress/undress Page. Since this page uses advanced features of Javascript and style sheets, it works only with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or above. If you don’t have it, update your browser: it’s worth the trouble, and I am very proud of this page. If you prefer, you may (instead of loading the entire page with all the graphics) download a zipped file (260 KB) and watch the file offline.

1999-05-18: Added a page with a 3D Chastity Belt Picture; also, I updated not the content, but the layout of the Sibylle Page.

1999-05-14: Added page about books at amazon in german: Schöne Bücher.

1999-05-07: Improved the JavaScript on my Index Page so that it works not only with Netscape Navigator 3.0 and above, but also with Internet Explorer 4.0 and above.

1999-05-06: I have two pages with password protection, the Translators Gift Page and the Fictional Chastity Story #3 Page; first, I used a CGI Script to protect these pages, without problems. To be able to move to a new location, I replaced this with some Javascript, which was very insecure (you simply had to disable Javascript, load the page, view the document source, note the password, enable Javascript, reload the page and fill in the password). Now I replaced this Javascript with some new, more secure code.

1999-05-05: Some smaller changes: added the letter of a new chastity belt manufactor on the True Stories Page, improved the Doorkeeper Page with an Additional Page, added a grayscale version of the former Chastity Belt Page Secret Picture at the Pictures Explaination Page and replaced the Chastity Belt Page Secret Picture with a Chastity Belt Page Secret Link, which, I fear, doesn’t work too well with Netscape, but fine with IExplorer.

1999-04-26: Not much happening here: I still have one last examination to undergo, and am searching a job, so updates may be few; nevertheless, I made a tiling.

1999-04-05: Added third part of Toni’s report.

1999-03-10: Some news: I finished the third math examination; just a final examination in philosophy, and I will be a full qualified mathematician; my computer system crashed, i.e., the part developed by Microsoft, and I had to re-install Windows. Since I was too lazy to install Netscape on my Linux partition, I was unable to surf the net or answer your mails; I hope I will be able to answer you within the next days. And I made nine new pictures (with 11 girls and 3 boys).

1999-01-29: Added a picture to the Image Galery III (an alternative version of a picture from 2.1.1998, with a blond nude girl sitting on a bed)

1999-01-28: Added 89 new pages (wham!); about different colors, beech leafs, dimensional portals, bears, nude girls, chastity belts, Thor, Laputa, aliens, pus, entropy and more, and all in English. The starting point is here. I wanted to add a zipped archive of those pages, but due to technical problems, this may take some time till it is available.

1999-01-25: Added a little german text featering Sibylle about her green swimsuit.

1998-12-23: Added another green swimsuit picture on my Image Gallery Part III. Hope you all had a nice winter solstice.

1998-12-16: Sorry, I had no time to work much on my webpage, since I had to learn for my diploma exam (I had the first examination yesterday). I am preparing a whole bunch of new pages, but it can take a while till I am able to finish it. The only update I am able to present is another true story, at this very moment only in german.

1998-10-06: Due to a change of the Domain Name of one of my servers, some pictures disappeared, but now everything should be fine again. Please report broken links.

1998-10-01: Added eight photos of a girl in a chastity belt, with some lines (in English).

1998-09-17: Added a text about Conan (in German only).

1998-07-03: Added new picture at the third part of the picture galerie, together with a matching story (in german only).

1998-06-18: Updated list of chastity belt manufactors, enlarged my bookstore.

1998-06-15: Sorry I didn’t answer mail the last time: I married on 25.5.1998 and was on my honeymoon. I will answer mail within the next few days.
I added a bookstore.

1998-05-22: Added a picture story, with 53 pages, with english translation and the original lettering.

1998-05-12: Added two pictures and my adventures with my telephone company.

1998-05-09: Back on the net again! I moved to a new location, and it took me some struggles untill the Deutsche Teledumm AG was able to establish a new telephone connection. Two new pictures in the picture galerie. There is a story coming along with one of this pictures, in german. For those not able to understand german, there is also a new translation of a true story.

1998-04-22: Completed the translation of Anni’s story and incorporated it to my own page. Click here to see what I mean.

1998-04-10: Added picture with high heels.

1998-04-05: Another picture.

1998-04-01: Added some Java Script to my Main Index Page. If you have Netscape Navigator 3 or later, you can move your mouse pointer over the drawing on top of the page and see what’s happening. Also added a tiny little essay about god and the world. And I encountered the 100.000ths visitor on the Chastity Belt Page.

1998-03-21: Added a new picture to the biographical note, and added a new picture to the Picture Galery Part II.

1998-03-20: Added a little essay about degrees of concavity. "oh no, once again a boring text about maths" I hear you say. OK, we can compromise: I also did a drawing called "sexangles" on my picture galery part II showing both math and a nude girl.

1998-03-19: Added a little essay about dice (i.e. some kind of polyhedrons).

1998-03-18: Added another true story.

1998-03-03: Added an Introduction into writing HTML documents, mainly dedicated to newbies, but I hope also with some usefull hints for advanced users.

1998-02-20: Added some kind of translation of the words that can be found on the two pages about melancholy and about spring. I added this translations to the second part of the picture galery, where also the original links to the two mentioned pages are.

1998-02-18: I added three series of pictures: A Chastity Belt Comic, some pictures and sounds and word about melancholie, and some pictures and words about spring.

1998-02-13: On friday, the 13th, I added two pictures at the picture galery, showing again that girl with the red hair.

1998-02-11: Added ,,Einführung in Homer’’.

1998-02-10: Added a little tale about a girl wearing a green swimsuit. Has a certain relationsship with chastity belts, and it is written in english.

1998-02-06: And attempt number four (even more beautiful. Oh, by the way, if you do not understand what I am saying: this page reads from bottom to top).

1998-01-26: I finished my third attempt of drawing my green swimsuit, and it is the best version, what me belongs. It can be viewed at the picture galery.

1998-01-21: Added a conclusion to Anni’s story, a recipe and a link to the Kontaktgruppe-Homepage (all three in german); I also added a graphical contents map.

1998-01-16: Added the Chastity Belt Quiz.

1998-01-14: Added the translation of one of the true stories, and added the translation of a fictional story.

1998-01-09: Added two new pictures to my picture galery, and two new true stories to the third true stories page.

1997-12-19: Added a little gift for those translating my german texts.

1997-12-17: Added new picture;
also, I added a second random image link generator on my "Fetischismus"-story.

1997-12-15: Added new fictional story: "Fetischismus" (german only, but with pictures).

1997-12-15: Collapsed all What’s New-pages into one (this one).

1997-12-11: Added, a minesweeper clone.

1997-12-11: Added Version with Frames of the Chastity Belt Page.

1997-12-08: Added translations to the fictional stories Untitled 1 and Untitled 2

1997-12-05: Added illustrations to fictional story 3.

1997-11-27: Added True Story (in German).

1997-11-27: Added Picture Galery.

1997-11-24: Added another poem ("Melankolie", by Ludwig Tieck).

1997-11-24: Added another fictional story (also in German).

1997-11-21: Added two fictional stories (in German only).

1997-11-20: Added manga-style drawing and another True Story.

1997-09-26: Updated my page with links to other chastity belt resources.

1997-09-26: Added two new true stories.

1997-09-26: Added screensaver for Windows with male wearer.

1997-09-18: Added SAND.ZIP, containing the screensavers Sand and Sand II (the last one is a new one).

1997-09-15: Added link to my contribution to the ZEIT-IBM-Internet-Literature-Contest.

1997-09-15: Repaired the pictures that crashed down.

1997-08-25: Added two poems of Christian Morgenstern.

1997-08-19: Added true story and the rest of Anni’s story.

1997-07-25: Added new pictures of Gosper fractal.

1997-07-25: Added true story; pictures load faster now.

1997-07-23: Updated links to the Outer World.

1997-07-17: restored the picture with the chair, added three new pictures, two of them can be found in the Notes of the pictures.

1997-07-02: Added True Stories Some More and Guestbook.

1997-03-10: Added true story and enlarged Guide to CB’s (some weeks ago, but I didn’t mention it), added english translation of Chastity Belt Essay (today).

1997-02-05: Add two new pictures.

1997-01-27: Add true story, a new picture and link to chastity belt screensaver for Windows.

1997-01-21: Linked to Freeware page (with screensavers).

1997-01-14: Removed vacation sign, added two new pictures.

1996-12-20: Put a vacation sign on the page, enlarged the Guide to Chastity Belts, reformed the relation of the WhereCanIGetPages, added another true story.

1996-12-19: added link to "A Young Persons Guide to Chastity Belts" and link to Netminder.

The beginning of this page is lost in prehistoric mist. It is quite a bit older than 1996-12-19, but I don’t have any records left from that period. It started with the plan to put a Hegel Florilegium online, something I never realized.