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The following is by someone who wants to rest anonym, but obviosly a male one:

Since long time, I am attracted to BDSM. We were happy married but my wife was not interested in BDSM playing. For that reason, I had to go to a prostitute.
One day my wife discovered that. We had a long talk and she agreed in dominating me when I promissed not to go to prostitutes anymore. I had the choice, it was that, or divorce. Because she didn't trusted me anymore she advised me to look for a chastity belt. Via a magazine I discovered a person, in Antwerp, who made custom chastity belts. We made an appointment and all the measures were taken. Six weeks later I could go to try the chastity belt. And I must say, it fitted very well. All hygienical functions are possible, except masturbating or copulation is impossible. The chastity belt is made in stainless steel. It is locked with a brass lock. My wife holds the key. The second key is sealed in an envelop, to be opened in case of emergency. In the beginning I had to wear it one day, than two days, sometimes longer. Since a year I have to wear it all day long, sometimes for a week or longer. My wife sometimes unlocks the chastity belt so that I can get relief. Usualy my wife uses my penis so that she is satisfied, but I don't get permission to cum. Sometimes I can masturbate. When I got ready, she orders me to wear the chastity belt. And I must say that I like the situation to be dominated by my wife.

[A more detailed report of the same person can be found here.]


The next is by Sabrina:

Tja, wie ist es einen Keuschheitsguertel zu tragen? Ich muß dir dazu wahrscheinlich erst einmal schreiben, warum ich einen trage! Mein Freund und ich praktizieren eine sehr intensive Form von 'Bondage'. Deshalb trage ich sehr oft nicht nur den Keuschheitsgürtel mit Schenkelbändern, sondern ein zusätzliches 'Geschirr' bestehend aus Halsband und Buestier (ebenfalls aus rostfreiem Stahl gefertigt). Du weißt wahrscheinlich, wie das aussieht! Manchmal legt mir mein Freund noch zusätzliche Hand- und Fußfesseln an. Dieses Equipment trage ich dann unter Umständen mehrere Tage lang!

Für viele Leute ist es wahrscheinlich unverständlich, aber ich geniesse es eben, in 'Eisen gelegt' zu sein. Es ist eine ganz besondere Form von Erregung und Stimulanz. Ich glaube es ist einfach das Bewußtsein und das Gefühl, etwas am Körper (und noch dazu über sehr intimen Körperstellen) zu tragen, was man nicht so einfach wieder ablegen kann. Der Partner entscheidet ob und wann, und das macht mich einfach an. Natürlich gehört es auch zu dem Spiel, dass ich versuche das Geschirr trotzdem abzulegen, was ohne die entsprechenden Schlüssel natürlich nicht gelingen kann.

My attempt to translate it (forgive me all the germanisms):

Well, how is a chastity belt worn? For this, I probably have to write you first, why I wear one! My friend and me are practicing a very intense form of 'bondage'. That for I often do not only wear the chastity belt with tighbangles, but also an additional 'bridle', consisting of collar and brassiere (also made of stainless steel). You probably know what that looks like! Sometimes my friend is also putting hand- and feetchains on me. This equipment I wear then depending on circumstances several days!

For many people it is probably incomprehensible, but I enjoy it being 'put in irons'. It is a very special form of sensation and stimulation. I think it'ssimple the conciousness and the feeling, to wear something on the body (and furthermore over very intimate body parts), what you cannot remove that easy. The partner decicedes wether and when, and that just turns me on. Of course it is part of the game that I nevertheless try to remove the bridle, wich of course cannot be done without the corresponding keys.


female anonymous:

Hear it from the encased wife:

I actually found the idea of a chastity belt quite humiliating at first. However I knew that my past record left much to be desired. I also know that I am quite weak minded and can easily be lead into a tempting situation. This had occurred during our engagement and unfortunately I was caught out. The idea of a belt then meant I would have to humiliate my self to some stranger or friend that I was wanting to bed.

We saw these belts in London and were tempted. The belt arrived some six weeks later and was put to the test. It was uncomfrtable and bodily functions were awkward. At first. It took some practice but my husband was supportive. A few major messes were cleaned up! But the first time he was away and I was encased without any support life was scarry to say the least. That was two days. It was pleasant removing it when my husband returned and making pashionate love. It was even more fun cleaning myself properly again.

My husband is away for five days and four nights at a time and this has gone on now for some years. He encases me prior to departing and unencases me on his return. Usually in the car at the airport. This is a great relief.

I have had many embarrassing moments at security checkpoints but no real problems have been encountered. I have overcome the embarresment and it usually leaves the security embarressed. I have not ventured near an airpory as this could potentially be more serious and embarressing.

All in all I have become used to the belt and wouldn't wish it on my dearest friend but it does keep me on the straight and narrow. My husbands job is about to change and I may find myself undone soon. Bliss.

Corsets on the otherhand I wear on my own volition and love them. These I would reccommend to anyone anytime.


Tom writes:

My girl friend has worn one for about 3 years now, with durations of up to 4 months. How she (we) wound up wearing a steel belt:
Her mother offered her a "deal" she would pay for college, apartment, living expenses, and a car if Sara would wear "something special" while she was away from home. That something special is a steel chastity belt. After Sarah agreed by signing a non-revokable contract, she was measured and eventually had the belt "installed" in time for her to move to the university.

When I met Sarah over a year ago, she eventually asked me what I thought about chastity belts. I replied I thought that they should be in wider use, and it was too bad that there wasn't one made for men as well. After showing me hers, she asked " if there were one for men would you wear it?" When I replied sure, she just smiled. She then obtained the address from her mother, who when told, offered to pay for my belt. Last spring I had mine "installed" and her mother has both sets of keys. I can get out by driving a couple of hours, if I need to, but except for a few minor problems I have gotten used to wearing it.

Her mother says we will get the keys when we graduate the university, or get married.



I am a miner living in northern ontario canada.i first locked a chastity belt on my girlfriend now my wife in our last year of high school. I always had dreams of keeping someone in a chastity belt and found that person in my senior high school year.my wife was a virgin when i started dating her as well as when we married.I tried to have sex with her on many occasions before we were married but she always insisted on waiting for our wedding night. Upon our graduation I took a job away from our town, and I asked Heidi to be my wife when we could afford to marry. I also asked her to wear my chastity belt while I was away. she reluctantly agreed and asked if I didn't trust her. when i said that I loved and trusted her but i liked the idea of knowing that she was waiting for me she told me not to wait to long before the wedding. we married 2 years later and have 2 beautiful children together. I still work in the bush and i am only home on weekends,and even though Heidi still wears the chastity belt when im away our marriage is strong and we still love each other.



Belts...I have made "devices" that serve as chastity belts for both of us...we both enjoy being dominant, and we both delight in doing everythig possible to arouse the other while the other is unable to "self-satisfy." This occasionally involves day-long sessions of shopping, dining, movies (XXX!), and perhaps a visit to the local gasthaus.

Nothing turns me on more than being with a woman who is visibly aroused (flushed, anxious, hard nipples) and keeping her "belted" while I tease the hell out of her is great.

She, on the other hand, knowing how men are, likes to use cock rings and such to keep me erect ( more or less) all day, and THEN put on me some kind of locking chastity while I have to satisfy her desires. Works out well for us, anyway.



Ever since I was unfaithful to my partner, she has required that I wear a chastity device in her absence. I have tried many different devices, but the one that works best for us was to have my penis pierced (horizontal frenum piercing) through which my partner places a gold and silver "heart" lock about 3 cm in diameter to which only she has the key (when I am unlocked and it is her pleasure, she inserts a gold "barbell" stud with small 0.3 cm gold balls on the ends before we have sex for her heightened enjoyment). When the lock is worn it is too large to permit sex with other women (or men) and there is no problem with urination or defecation. I have worn the lock for weeks at a time. It is a mild and constant irritation, and I am quite ready for it to come off and satisfy my partner. The piercing and lock were done by Gauntlet in San Francisco California USA.


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