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The first [Schade, kein Bild] picture is a modified copy of a picture that originally didn't contain any allusions to chastity belt. It shows a friend of mine, the original image is aproximatly 20x30 cm large, it consists of a collage of different paqpers painted with different random methods as decalcomanie for the hair or the dress or the background, or marbled paper for the skin, in addition with a ink drawing. I made a copy of this picture and added with black and white ink the drawing of the chastity belt; actually, the person on the picture didn't ever wear a chastity belt, as far as I know. Then I scanned this modified copy, and then I deleted in the computer image a strap of the bra wich was visible at the shoulder at the original drawing and wich was rather irritating on the modified picture.

The next [Schade, kein Bild] one is a photo of a Ceinture chastity belt with collar and bra; I just added the background.

The third [Schade, kein Bild] is a drawing I made recently, exclusevly for the Chastity Belt Page. It's a plain drawing with pencils and ink. Made on 22.12.1996 (for the people on the other side of the ocean: 12.22.1996).

The fourth [Schade, kein Bild] is a plain ink drawing, based on a photo of a Tollyboy belt.

The fifth [Schade, kein Bild] is based on a picture by Alphonse Mucha, "The Morning Star". The belt was not painted by Mucha, but by me, of course.

The sixth [Schade, kein Bild] is based on a photo; the background is a typicall CorelDraw floodfill. I could have done such a background mechanically with water and oil, as in earlier pictures, but the CorelDraw-floodfill takes just a few seconds...
I also made a hand-made drawing [Schade, kein Bild] without belt on 23.4.1997.

The seventh [Schade, kein Bild] is made in the same collage-manner as the first one, using randomly painted papers. Dates from 29.1.1997. If you like this style of drawing, you should check out my Main Homepage, there are some links to further pictures.
A variation of this picture can also be found on my image gallery part III.

The eighth [Schade, kein Bild] is once again a plain ink drawing, dating from 4.2.1997. As in the third one, there are additional tight bands wich can be used to prevent a women to wear trousers; in this case the chains connecting the tight bands should be shorter (for a few weeks, this picture wasn't available, due to some disconsent about taste).

The ninth [Schade, kein Bild] dates, as you can see in the picture itself, from 24.4.1997.

Number Ten [Schade, kein Bild] from 17.11.1997 is my attempt to draw in a manga-like style.

The former number zero [Schade, kein Bild] was made 15.12.1997. There is also a grayscale version thumbnail of this picture made 12.4.1999.

I also have a picture of a woman not wearing a belt but holding a [Schade, kein Bild] key. The original 60x80 cm drawing I did in autum 1994; the key was added on the scanned picture on the 16.7.1997. The technique used in this picture is very much the same as in the first picture, see above.

Eight photos. I forgot the exact date, but it must be something shortly before 1.10.1998.

Two grayscale pictures:

"Waiting"[Schade, kein Bild] [Schade, kein Bild]"untitled"

"Waiting" from June 1998, "Untitled" from 27 + 31.7.1999, both 20x30 cm. See also Picture Galery Part III for more details.

"Warum mein Gatte seit einiger Zeit mir wieder mehr Aufmerksamkeit schenkt" ["Why my husband is paying me more attention recently"], 2.7.2000, ink and pencil, 20 x 30 cm.

"Knallbunte Fassung meines Bildes Warum mein Gatte seit einiger Zeit mir wieder mehr Aufmerksamkeit schenkt" ["Loud colourful version of my picture Why my husband is paying me more attention recently"], 3.7.2000, ink, pencils on a collage of randomly speckled papers, 20 x 30 cm.

See also Image Gallery V or Image Gallery VI for more variations of this picture.

„Bildnis mit Stöckelschuhen“ [“Portrait with high heels”], 21/22.12.2000, ink and pencil, 20 x 30 cm. Some of my pictures are first-time successes, like “Waiting” or the latest green-swim-suit image; others, like the red-shirt-imgage or this very image, take an incredible amount of labour. The image you can see a copy above is the seventh version: I ruined all the previous six versions (and two drawing pens) untill I finally got it.

Yuko Aoki

A photo of the japanese model Yuko Aoki, 20.1.2001 and 9.2.2001.
Yuko Aoki 2


“Why are you staring at my breasts?”, 27.1.2001. The bosom in this image belongs to french model Laetitia Casta.

Fashion Magazine

“Fashion Magazine”, added 23.1.2001. The name of the boy shown here is unknown to me.

Melankolic Harem

“Melankolic Harem”, added 17.8.2001 and influenced by the german artists Dürer and Pfarr, I guess.


“I’m not half the man I used to be”, in three flavours: a first rough sketch with pencils, 2.1.2002, an acryl painting (my favourite), 3.1.2002, and an electric version, 24.9.2002, after some gap.

Very special: a 3D Chastity Belt Image Page.

One Of Twentythree MillionAnother One Of Twentythree Million

„Das Kunstwerk im Zeitalter seiner technischen Produzierbarkeit, Teil 1 & 2“ [“The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Production, Part 1 & 2”], 18.10.2002, computer image, the original size is four times greater than the images shown here. Those two images are just two of over 23 million more; you can see twelve more over here and twelve more over there and another 23 million over here.

Insight alphaInsight Beta

“Insight”, 18.10.2002, computer image, the original size is four times greater than the images shown here. Since I was unable to decide which version to prefer, I show you both.


Untitled, 2.2.2004, ink drawing.

Chastity Belt Page

Jan Thor